SEC Launches New Mutual Fund Probe

Tweet The Securities and Exchange Commission recently launched an investigation into 27 mutual fund companies’ alleged fraudulent arrangements with mutual fund administrative-service provider Bisys BSG, according to a report in the Oct. 26 edition of The Wall Street Journal. I’m glad to see more action being taken on fund companies that misuse funds paid for […]

Free Morningstar Stock Research 10/31 and 11/01

Tweet A big thanks to Free Money Finance for posting this today, this will be very helpful to many people. Morningstar is offering free premium stock research reports today, October 31st and tomorrow, November 1st. These reports are fantastic and full of useful information. I urge everyone to take a look at the reports for […]

1927-1933 Chart of Prognosticators and the Stock Market

Tweet I stumbled across an interesting link over at Fark that plots famous quotes from experts in their time in relation to stock market activity. I particularly like this quote, just before the crash: “Stock prices have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau. I do not feel there will be soon if ever […]

Why do I Need Insurance? – Part 1

Tweet In part one of a three part series on insurance I will discuss why you need insurance, and the insurance that you really need to have. One of the most important things to every human being is health. What happens if you lose your health, and if you do, could you afford it? When […]

Scare Teens Away From Credit?

Tweet I just stumbled across this article by Janet Bodnar called Scare Teens Away From Credit? It caught my attention because I spent a bit of time as a financial planner inside a retail bank, and I noticed a lot of parents doing this to their teens when coming in to open accounts before heading […]

October's Mutual Fund Red Flags

Tweet Each month Morningstar puts out a report on changes going on with certain mutual funds that may be cause for concern. This month caught my attention because it flags a few American Funds, which I know are quite popular with mutual fund investors. One thing I found interesting was: We’re flagging three funds from […]

Eight Steps to Better Health Insurance

Tweet Last week I had made a post in regards to open enrollment season, but just today David Bach of The Automatic Millionaire wrote an article covering this very subject. He goes into a bit more detail in regards to some of the different health insurance options available, which is a confusing area for many […]

The Holidays are Coming, but Do You Already Feel the Pinch?

Tweet We are quickly approaching the end of October and if you haven’t started to think about it already, you will be over the coming few weeks. The biggest problem many of us face is our desire to spend money on loved ones, yet not having the money available to spend. Being the giving person […]

Test Your Homeowners Insurance Smarts

Tweet While I don’t always see eye-to-eye with Suze Orman on many issues, a recent post in her column over at Yahoo! Finance brings up some very important questions in regards to homeowners insurance. The quiz is as follows: If your home is destroyed due to a loss (fire, for example) covered by your policy, […]

Why do I Need Insurance?

Tweet We spend a lot of time focusing on making money, saving money, and investing money to create wealth, but what can be overlooked is protecting that wealth. You can be a terrific saver, investor or entrepreneur and build tremendous wealth, but without proper insurance you may be left with nothing. Many of us pay […]