Entertain Yourself and Amaze Your Friends For Under $15

20 Q

Tweet If you are looking for a fun gadget or gift that won’t break the bank look no further than the Radica 20 Questions. I received one of these over the holidays and at first glance it did not look like much. Very simply, it is the popular game of 20 Questions in electronic format. […]

Underfunded Pensions and Health Care Plans May Provide Investment Opportunity

Tweet We are hearing more about the status of underfunded pension and health care plans and the deficits are often unbelievably high. A recent headline in the Chicago Tribune was titled “Illinois Pension Nightmare”. Apparently Illinois state workers and teachers are short $45.8 billion in their pension plan alone. This scenario is far from an […]

Does Your 401(k) Stink? You May Have Better Plan Options Available To You

Tweet One of the biggest complaints you read about with employer retirement plans is that people are unhappy with fund options. This could be in the form of excessive fees to simply poor performance and diversified offerings. Fortunately many plans offer an alternative that can solve this problem. Unfortunately these options are usually not widely […]

Changing Our Calendar Could Save Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Tweet At least according to Richard Conn Henry it could. Our current Gregorian calendar has been widely adopted and in use since the 1500′s, so why change it? He goes on to argue about the time that is lost due to the annual need to change schedules (he is a Professor) and date information on […]

Question For The Readers: What Are You Doing With Your Year-End Bonus?

Tweet According to this article over at Yahoo 80% of employers are offering bonus incentives this year as opposed to only 51% in 1991. This means a majority of employees will be receiving some sort of additional incentives this year. So are you receiving any sort of bonus this year? If so, what do you […]

TD Ameritrade Finally Updates Their Online Mutual Fund Ordering System

Tweet I have been hearing from brokers and customer service representatives over at TD Ameritrade that their mutual fund order system on the website would be changing soon for the past few months. This morning I logged into my account and sure enough, they have finally made the changes. The change is minor and doesn’t […]

New Gold Coin To Feature First Ladies In 2007

Tweet According to CNNMoney the U.S. Mint will be introducing a series of new 1/2 oz. 24-karat gold coins featuring the early First Ladies. The collection, which the Mint has dubbed “First Spouse,” will feature the images of Martha Washington, Abigail Adams and Dolley Madison in the order in which their husbands served as president. […]

Watch Out For Regulation D Savings Account Fees

Tweet If you have a savings or money market account at a bank or credit union it has limitations on transactions set by Regulation D which was established by the Federal Reserve Board to implement reserve requirements for depository institutions. Regulation D limits the number of electronic transactions on a savings or money market account […]

Dress for Success to Increase Your Earning Potential

Tweet When it comes to improving our personal finances a great deal of emphasis is placed on issues like eliminating debt, saving for retirement and choosing the right investments. An issue that does not receive as much attention is that of increasing our income or advancing our career. Without income it is impossible to pay […]