Football, Beer and Wings – Sunday Savings


Tweet If you’re like me, one of the best weekend activities is spending a whole day hanging out with some friends for some good food, drinks and football. We often find ourselves heading to our favorite sports bar or restaurant to take in the game which can become quite costly. Enjoying the game doesn’t have […]

I Have Updated The About Page For Your Viewing Pleasure

Tweet With all of the “5 things you don’t know about me” posts going around lately it occurred to me that the about page on this site has not been updated since the site first went up. At the time I had haphazardly thrown together some basic information and had since forgotten about it. So […]

Having Trouble With Your Budget Or Spending? Go Green


Tweet Creating a budget to keep spending under control can be one of the most difficult things we have to do when it comes to our finances. Spending money is easy, and thanks to the abundance of ATMs, debit and credit cards we go through money without even thinking twice about it. The key to […]

A Losing Investment Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Tweet Our financial goals typically revolve around building wealth and a great deal of this is done through investing. We obviously look to find investments that will increase in value but it is inevitable that some of our investments will will stink like a sweaty gym sock. We will curse these investments and blame them […]

Municipal Bonds Aren't Very Exciting But They're Better Than a Stick In The Eye

Tweet Bonds of any sort, let alone municipal bonds are hardly an exciting investment option for younger adults and rarely receive any attention in the personal finance world. This is not unexpected since common knowledge tells us that the younger you are the less you should be invested in bonds or fixed income investments. So […]

Please Update Your Feed For Generation X Finance

Tweet Well I’ve been living in the dark when it comes to blogging tools and services and just recently updated my feeds to feedburner. I set up an account with them over a month ago but never updated my feed links on the site. I guess that would explain why it always said I had […]

Why You Need (Or Don't Need) a Down Payment

Tweet I stumbled across this Kiplinger article this morning regarding why you need to have a down payment when you buy a home, and as I often do, I found some points that I disagree with. The article starts with this question: My wife and I just got married and we’d like to buy a […]

Take The Financial Fitness Quiz

Tweet It is a lazy Sunday around here so if you have a couple minutes I would recommend taking the Financial Fitness Quiz over at Smart Money Tips if you have not done so before. It is fairly brief and asks a variety of good personal finance questions you should be aware of. I scored […]

Did You Move For A Job In 2006? You May Be Eligible For a Tax Deduction

Tweet The friendly people over at the IRS have made it possible for those who are required to move due to employment a tax-deductible event. But don’t get too excited yet because there are a few restrictions. The IRS has a two question test you must pass in order to qualify for this deduction: The […]