Get a Free Educational DVD on Exchange-Listed Options

Tweet A few weeks ago I went to and ordered their free DVD on options to see what it had to offer. It finally arrived in the mail this weekend so I decided to take a look at what it had to offer. This DVD will help even the basic investor understand: Basic options […]

Weekly Mutual Fund Review: Amana Trust Income (AMANX)


Tweet In the past two installments of fund reviews I have profiled specialty funds. This week I take a look at a relatively common looking fund style with an interesting twist. What makes the Amana Trust Income Fund (AMANX) different is the philosophy behind it. The Amana Funds invest according to Islamic principles, or Sharia. […]

Robert Kiyosaki Finally Writes Something I Fully Agree With

Tweet Kiyosaki, like Suze Orman are two frequent columnists at Yahoo! Finance that I regularly read. Even though I read their ramblings I generally do not entirely agree with them. Whether it is a conflict of interest (online or off), tone or simply advice that is overly generic, something is typically amiss. On Monday when […]

Weekly Mutual Fund Review: CGM Realty Fund (CGMRX)


Tweet Last week I took a look at an obscure yet successful small-cap fund called Royce Pennsylvania. This week I’m going to again focus on a specialty fund but in real estate. You are probably thinking there is no way you’d invest in real estate with all of the gloom and doom predictions about the […]

TD Ameritrade Planning To Offer New "Lifecycle" EFTs

Tweet According to MarketWatch it looks like TD Ameritrade (AMTD) is gearing up for a strong push to help educate investors and introduce a brand new form of ETF called a Lifecycle ETF. TD Ameritrade currently offers an advisory service called Amerivest which helps investors learn about and build portfolios based on ETFs. The fees […]

Overlooking International Investments Could Prove Costly

Tweet Whether it is because people perceive investing overseas is more risky, want to support their local economy or simply unaware of the ability to invest in international companies, many investors invest very little if at all internationally. Through awareness and an increased number of investment choices this is beginning to change. USA Today reports: […]

What Is The Cost Of Procrastination? Probably More Than You Think


Tweet It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the earlier you begin to invest the more money you can accumulate, but just how much more? In this example even a modest saver can benefit by saving $250,000 more just by starting a few years earlier. Click on the thumbnail below to open […]

The Wall Street Journal Online Edition Is Free Today

Tweet The Wall Street Journal is providing another open house today for users to explore the online edition of their services. Go ahead and take a peek, you may end up finding something useful or interesting. This comes at a great time for me because I have been debating this week as to whether or […]