Creating a Budget Has Never Been Easier With This Easy To Use Worksheet

Budget Worksheet

Tweet When it comes to budgeting, taking the initial step to actually sit down and begin the process is typically the hardest. Thinking about all of your bills, expenses and sources of income can be overwhelming at first. I have stumbled across a great worksheet you can use that will make this process very easy […]

Don't Miss The Brightest Comet In 30 Years – Take A Look Outside

Come McNaught

Tweet If you have not noticed it yet or heard about it on the news you could be missing a great opportunity to see one of the most beautiful objects in the evening sky for decades. Obviously this is not related to finance, but the view is definitely something worth seeing. In the western sky […]

Weekly Mutual Fund Review: Royce Pennsylvania Fund (PENNX)


Tweet A new feature here at Generation X Finance will be to review a mutual fund each week that is generally unknown to investors. Understandably we focus a great deal on Vanguard, index funds, ETFs, etc. but very little attention is given to many other investment options that may not be popular yet could find […]

Day 3 To A Successful Career Change – The Transition

Tweet As we explore this guide to career change we started this week with a checklist to determine whether or not a change was the right course of action. Assuming it was, we then looked at the effect a change would have on our finances and benefits. Now that you have explored all of the […]

Generation Next Changes The Face Of The Workplace

Tweet I first stumbled upon this article at PBS NewsHour thanks to a post by Boston Gal and think it has quite a bit of relevance with the readers here. Those of us who are in their twenties or thirties have likely experienced a bit of generation gap in regards to older co-workers. In many […]

Day 2 To A Successful Career Change – Financial Implications

Tweet Yesterday we took a look at how to determine if a career change is right for you and planning for the switch. Now that you have determined this is the right course of action it is important to look at how this will affect your finances. Step 1 – Evaluate Your Current Situation Clearly […]

Day 1 To A Successful Career Change – Is It Time For Change?

Tweet Yesterday I announced a mini-series that would cover all aspects of making a career change. Today the first installment looks at the first part of the process that involves determining whether or not a change is in order. The USAA Educational Foundation has a checklist to help determine if a change is suitable for […]

Thinking About A Career Change? 3 Days To A Successful Transition

Tweet Our ability to earn money is the cornerstone of personal finance. Without income we are left with very few options. You need to make money to save money and you need to save money in order to invest for the future. When income is lacking we generally find ourselves looking for greener pastures and […]