Automatic IRAs: The Key to Getting Low Earners to Save for Retirement?

Tweet There has been increasing discussion lately about new ways to help lower income employees who may not have access to more traditional retirement savings to begin saving for retirement. One of the most talked about ideas is the Automatic IRA. Would this new savings product really help level the playing field? I have not […]

Win $1,000,000 by Picking Stocks With Play Money

Tweet Do you want a chance to win a million dollars just by picking stocks with play money? You’re in luck because you can do just that in a new online portfolio challenge. CNBC has regular contests but this one is the biggest ever. The rules are simple. Starting on March 5th you will be […]

Weekly Mutual Fund Review: Janus Contrarian (JSVAX)


Tweet Can you make money by investing in companies that most investors and money managers are not? Of course you can. It may not seem like a very good idea but a contrarian approach can prove to be very profitable. The Janus Contrarian Fund (JSVAX) does just that–it invests in companies that are actually out-of-favor […]

Save Yourself Some Money and Pain by Choosing the Right Pain Reliever

Tweet We all have the occasional (and sometimes frequent) aches and pains. Whether it is a headache, sore muscles or aching joints we generally take some sort of over the counter pain reliever. But are all pain relievers created equal? Hardly. By understanding what pain reliever works best for your specific ailment you can save […]

Understanding Broad Market Behavior is Important When Trading Stocks

Tweet Traders who are looking to capitalize on short-term price movements will generally focus on individual stocks. This narrow focus does not mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the broad market as a whole. Understanding what drives the market and what influences the direction of the trends will set you up for success. The Big […]

Brokerage Profile Review: TradeKing

Tweet Overview: TradeKing was launched in 2005 by Donato A. Montanaro of SureTrade with an aim to provide inexpensive trades in the competitive discount brokerage market. TradeKing is a privately held NASD member brokerage firm. Each account is protected up to $25 million through SIPC and their clearing firm. Investment Availability: TradeKing offers the most […]

Brokerage Profile: TD Ameritrade

Tweet One of the frequent questions I hear is in regards to what brokerage firm should a new investor sign up with. Over the next few weeks I will be profiling some of the more popular brokerage options and highlight the important things to consider that should help new investors narrow their search. We kick […]