Weekly Mutual Fund Review: Oakmark Equity & Income (OAKBX)


Tweet One of the more common things I hear from people is that they want to obtain average returns of equities but do not want the volatility that comes with it. The obvious answer would be to utilize some sort of asset allocation by introducing more stable fixed-income investments, but then you have the argument […]

Do Your Baby Boomer Parents Need Long Term Care Insurance?

Tweet The second guest article this week was sent in by Ben at Money Smart Life. He addresses a growing concern for our generation and our aging parents. Long term care insurance may be something to start thinking about over the next few years for our parents. How much thought have you given to the […]

College Money-Saving Tips

Tweet While I’m out of town on business I have taken some guest articles from readers to post this week. This installment is from Complete Sports and provides some quick and easy tips to save money while in college. Ah, college. Some say it’s the time of your life, and while I wouldn’t necessarily agree […]