5 Easy Ways to Save Money On Gas

Gas Tank is Empty

Tweet Make no bones about it, gasoline is expensive and it isn’t getting any cheaper. Around here this week it jumped 30 cents in a single day. It may not seem like much but over time those extra pennies add up. You don’t need to switch to public transportation to cut costs at the pump […]

Eliminate Unused Subscriptions and Memberships to Plug Your Money Leaks

Tweet Does it always seem that your money never goes as far as it should? One of the main culprits are the slow money leaks that we all have. These are generally recurring monthly expenses for a subscription or service that by itself appears quite small, but when you factor in dozens of these potential […]

Mutual Fund Review: Fidelity International Real Estate (FIREX)

Tweet Everyone seems to be striving for some level of diversification within their portfolio but that typically means adding some bonds with your stock or introducing some specific equity category to go along with the significant percentage of large-cap holdings. One area that is often overlooked is real estate. Most people think of real estate […]

This Week's Money Question: A Peek Inside My Portfolio

My Asset Allocation

Tweet This week’s question is being showcased over at the Silicon Valley Blog About Money and it takes a look at what some fellow personal finance bloggers hold in their portfolios. Today’s installment highlights my very own allocation. Here is a snapshot of my holdings. Most people are probably thinking I’m an idiot for having […]

The Gen X Guide to Stretching Your Dollar

Tweet While I don’t like to regurgitate articles found on other sites very often I did stumble across one this morning that couldn’t be more appropriate for this site. Yahoo! Finance has a piece titled The Gen X Guide to Stretching Your Dollar which was actually a piece picked up from Reuters. Either way, the […]

Carefully Choosing When to Buy Propane Could Save You Hundreds of Dollars

Propane Logo

Tweet Propane may be exceptional energy, but liquid propane prices can also be somewhat volatile. If you live in a rural area, there is a good chance that you use propane for part or all of your heating energy needs. Because propane prices can change significantly from month to month and season to season you […]

New Diversification Requirements in the Pension Protection Act of 2006 Will Create Better Defined Contribution Plans

Tweet As a result of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA), Section 401(a)(35) was added to the internal Revenue Code (Code), implementing diversification requirements for defined contribution plans holding publicly-traded employer securities. In accordance with the new rules, employers sponsoring qualified defined contribution plans are required to notify participants of their right to divest […]

Day Two of the Problogger 'Top 5? Group Writing Project

Tweet On pace to become the largest group writing project so far there have been well over 300 submissions and there are still two days left! My submission was the top 5 ways to become a millionaire for the Problogger group writing project. It is difficult to keep up with all of the great content […]