Mid-Year Financial Checkup Mini-Series Part 2: Taxes

Tweet In part 1 I discussed the importance of reviewing your goals and tracking your progress. That is a great starting point and something you should get into the habit of doing on an even more frequent basis. The next mid-year item that you should check into is in regards to taxes. Review Withheld Taxes […]

Answers to Your Questions From the Authors of "On My Own Two Feet" Part 2

Tweet Yesterday I posted the answers to the first half of questions to the authors of On My Own Two Feet and today I present the remaining questions and answers. If you missed part 1 you can find it here, otherwise here are the remaining questions: Wisely Sunshine asked: My company doesn’t offer any match […]

Winners of the On My Own Two Feet Book Contest

Tweet I apologize for the delay as I had hoped to announce the winners along with the answers to the questions that were submitted but since there has been a delay in getting the questions back I will go ahead and announce the winners of the contest a bit early. Again, as previously stated I […]

Your 401(k) is Not a Savings Account

Tweet As a retirement plan specialist a large part of my daily job is helping participants with their retirement plans. One of the most common reasons participants meet with me is because they need money and they are looking to take it out of their retirement plan. Unfortunately this conversation almost never goes over too […]

Have an Ugly Couch? Win a Brand New New One Worth $1,000

Tweet If you have a pathetic looking couch and you’re almost embarrassed to allow company to sit in it here’s your chance to win a brand new luxurious sofa. ClubFurniture.com is running a contest until the end of July where the winner gets a brand new couch. The rules are simple: 1. Take a couple […]

Save Money By Asking Friends and Family For Referrals

Tweet You’ve probably heard the old cliché: ” It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” This is most often used in association with business and finding jobs but it holds true with many everyday situations as well. Knowing the right people, either directly or through a third party such as friends and family […]