Buying High and Selling Low Might Sound Stupid, But People Still Do It

Tweet Buy low and sell high, that is the money-making motto we’re all familiar with, yet most people tend to do just the opposite and buy high and sell low. The problem is that most people don’t even realize they are doing it and they think that the changes they are making to their investments […]

2nd Quarter 2007 Market Review

Market Returns Q207

Tweet Yesterday I briefly discussed the broad economic indicators for the second quarter so today I want to go into a bit more detail and take a look at the overall performance and trends of the equity and bond markets. Capital Markets Review Virtually all major stock market indices ended the second quarter with strong […]

Economic Review: 2nd Quarter 2007

Tweet We have crossed the halfway point of the year and the second quarter has come to a close and overall the quarter was a rebound from what was happening in the tail end of the first quarter. The Dow Jones Industrials Average rallied and gained over 1,500 points in just two months before stabilizing […]

Is It Better To Buy a Stock Before or After It Splits?

Tweet You’ve probably heard of stocks splitting before and maybe you even have a friend who brags about one of their stocks that just split so you’re thinking of getting in on the action. So, is it better to buy a stock before it splits or after? Well, that is like asking, “Should I buy […]

Protect Your Most Important Asset With Disability Insurance

Tweet If you are like most people it is likely that your greatest asset is your ability to work and earn an income. When asked, many people consider their home as their greatest asset, and it may certainly be the greatest physical asset. But what happens when you find yourself injured and unable to go […]

Achievement Comes From Goal Clarity

Tweet I have discussed in the past the importance of setting and tracking goals and how it can affect your results on both a personal and financial level. I wanted to take a moment to discuss in more detail how goal clarity combined with a positive attitude can help you achieve better things both personally […]

Reader Question: How Much Do I Need to Have Saved Up When I Retire?

Tweet I recently received this question via email and since it is probably the most asked question I receive at work as well I figured it would be a good idea to tackle it here. Everybody wants to know how much they should be saving and how large their account should be once they reach […]

Mutual Fund Distributions Explained

Tweet While I’m away for the week on business I have some guest authors filling the void. Today’s topic is brought to you by The Sun’s Financial Diary where Accumulating wealth is like building The Great Wall, one brick at a time. I also encourage you to subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure […]

Don't Think About It, Just Start Saving Now

Tweet While I’m away for the week on business I have some guest authors filling the void. Today’s topic is brought to you by Danny from Money Socket is about building wealth with just a few fundamental principles. If you haven’t been there already, go take a look at how easy it is to […]