A Good Example Why You Shouldn't Put Too Much Stock Into Investing Newsletters

Tweet I was at my local bank the other day and picked up a copy of their quarterly investment newsletter to see what they had to say. The latest was the “Summer” issue which comes out sometime in May. The newsletters usually some decent information regarding latest tax laws and portfolio diversification reminders, but at […]

Poll: What Will be the Status of Social Security When You Retire?

Tweet Recent studies show that over 50% of people in Generation X believe there will be no Social Security, and an even higher percentage of those who are younger have no faith in Social Security. So, what do you think will be the status of Social Security when you retire? Some project that the funds […]

Add More Tools to Your Arsenal to Help Solve Your Financial Problems

Tweet I was thumbing through a book about Albert Einstein in the bookstore the other day, and I came across an interesting quote that helped to explain a concept Einstein used to solve problems. The quote itself was actually from Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist that created the hierarchy of human needs concept. The quote […]

The Dow is Falling Through Support Levels: Is the Worst Yet to Come?

djia year

Tweet Put the state of the economy, the subprime issues, and the real estate market aside and let’s look at the market from a pure technical standpoint. I know that some people equate technical analysis with that of voodoo, but it may shed some light on where we’re headed. If you aren’t familiar with technical […]

Mutual Fund Review: Dupree Intermediate Government Bond (DPIGX)


Tweet With the recent market volatility there has been more people becoming interested in bonds and bond funds. Well, I have some bad news for you. If you wait until the market already makes its move down and then decide to get into bonds, you’re too late. Nevertheless, this market activity reinforces the importance of […]

Brief Update On a New Site Feature


Tweet I generally don’t like to make frequent posts that highlight changes on the site, but there is a new item that would probably go unnoticed by the regular readers unless it was brought up. Thanks to Sara and Jelena, a few blogging friends, I have updated the “About” page and made it interactive. While […]

Poll: What is your preferred method of payment for everyday expenses?

Tweet With a multitude of ways to pay for things today, I thought it would be interesting to see how everyone here likes to pay for things on a daily basis. Personally, I’m a cash or debit card person, with debit being the most frequently used. Since our credit cards are for overflow emergency expenses […]