Poll: How is Your Retirement Portfolio Constructed?

Tweet This week, I want to take a look at how people put together their retirement accounts. Are you strictly an index or ETF investor? Do you load up on company stock? I’m a mixed bag myself, as I have a little bit of company stock along with stock options, some index funds, a few […]

GM and the UAW Tentatively Agree on New Contract

Tweet Earlier this week the United Auto Workers called for a nationwide strike against General Motors, and just two days later a new contract seems to be agreed upon. Details are still a bit sketchy, but for the sake of my friends and family who rely on a paycheck from GM, it is great that […]

The UAW Goes on Strike Against General Motors

Tweet As of this morning, the United Auto Workers has launched a nationwide strike for its GM workers for the first time since 1970. In an event that is sure to place even more pressure on the struggling automotive company, even fewer vehicles will be produced until an agreement is reached. An Example of How […]

Poll: Do You Have a Will?

Tweet With all of the discussion this week about estate planning, I wanted to do a poll regarding wills. It is a pretty straightforward question, but I broke it down into two categories: with or without children. As always, feel free to elaborate in the comments, and I’ll chime in after some time has passed […]

Transferring Assets Upon Death With a Trust

Tweet This week I have covered how the disposition of assets is handled by using a will and through contract and the operation of law. Finally, I want to briefly mention trusts. Since there are many different kinds of trusts and can be relatively complex, this is only a brief overview of what they are […]

Transferring Assets Upon Death by Operation of Law or Contract

Tweet Yesterday I provided an overview of how you can use a will to assist in transferring assets upon your death, but there are still other methods to consider. When you assign beneficiaries in your will, it is typically for items that don’t have a separate beneficiary on file or are not covered by operation […]

Transferring Assets Upon Death Through a Will

using a will

Tweet A will is a relatively simple document, but it can play an important role in assisting the transfer of assets upon death. While it is possible to draft your own will, most people have an attorney draft their will. Of course, using an attorney will usually necessitate a fee, but the benefit of getting […]

Poll: Who's Most to Blame for the U.S. Credit Problems?

Tweet This has been a continuing topic in the news for a few months now, and there are many explanations out there, but what do you think? Who is most to blame for the problems in the credit market? I touched on it briefly earlier this week in an analysis of recent market volatility, but […]

A Visual Guide to the Morningstar Mutual Fund Comparison Tool

Enter Funds

Tweet Morningstar is great, and it is one of my favorite investing research sites out there. They have a ton of tools available for researching stocks, mutual funds, and now options. While some of these tools do require a premium membership, there are plenty of great tools that are free and available to everyone. You […]

Making Sense of the Recent Market Volatility

Tweet Over the past several weeks, the investment markets have experienced significant volatility. July and August, which are usually calm months, have instead been quite turbulent. Uncertainty surrounding the subprime mortgage market has resulted in a severe reduction in available liquidity, causing investment managers to sell securities ‒ often their highest quality holdings ‒ to […]