When Owning a Home Isn't Always All It's Cracked Up to Be

Tweet You’ve probably heard the advice over and over again about how owning a home is one of the major milestones in achieving financial independence. It is certainly true that by owning a home you can take ownership in something that has the potential to build equity and provide you with the freedom you might […]

The Retirement Trivia Questions Were a Hit

Tweet Last week I asked for help in coming up with some trivia questions that dealt with retirement, and I wanted to thank everyone for all of the suggestions. The questions were a success and it turned out to be very educational for everyone who took part. In doing this exercise I was also able […]

Poll: Where Would You Invest Now?

Tweet This week I wanted to take a look at how people view the markets and where they would put their money. Obviously, most people would diversify their money across multiple asset classes, but for this question, let’s assume you could only put new money into one type of asset. Which one would it be? […]

Can You Help Me Come Up With Some Retirement Trivia Questions?

Tweet I’m seeking the creative minds of readers today, and I’m looking for some suggestions in coming up with retirement related trivia questions. Our annual benefits fair runs through the end of the week and I’ll be meeting with hundreds of employees and trying to educate and get people excited about and aware of their […]

You Don't Need to Save Money–Just Use The Equity in Your Home!

Tweet Does this sound foolish? It should, but what is even more foolish is that this is the advice I heard on the radio during my drive to work this morning. One of the regional banks around here was running a commercial that was basically giving this advice. I don’t have an exact transcript, but […]

Poll: What is Your Current Most Important Financial Goal?

Tweet I thought this week we’ll take a look at what people are currently focused on when it comes to their finances. It will be interesting to see how people at different stages in life will be focused on different goals. For example, our primary goal right now is paying off debt. Between student loans, […]

Reader Question: I'm Investing Regularly, but How Do I Know if I'm Doing Well?

Tweet This question actually came in just before I wrote about using Morningstar to track your investments against an appropriate benchmark, but it is certainly worth answering for the benefit of others as well. Understanding what you should be comparing your investments to will give you a clear picture of how well you’re doing, and […]

Use the Right Benchmark to Accurately Measure Investment Performance

Portfolio Tracking

Tweet One of the frequent mistakes I see when working with clients is that they don’t gauge their personal performance with the proper benchmark. I have people who have an intermediate portfolio with 50% bonds upset because they are lagging the S&P 500 by a couple percent, while others are invested heavily in international stocks, […]

Seven Random Things About Me

Tweet Money and Such has tagged me to share seven random things about me. While I don’t usually participate in these, I think that it would be a nice change of pace. I know it can get a bit dry around here with mostly pure finance issues, so I might as well share a few […]

A Few Quick Tips to Help You Stay Warm and Save Money This Fall and Winter

Girl With Gloves

Tweet In extreme temperatures, you want to keep the outside air ‘outside’ and the inside air ‘inside.’ This applies to not only winter, but summer as well. As most of us transition into winter gradually this fall, temperatures are still moderate and that can lead to keeping the windows open more often. While it is […]