A Visual History of the Stock Market From 1996 – 2007

DJIA 1996-1999

Tweet This article was published in November of 2007 With the current volatility in the market, it causes people to begin questioning their investments and wondering where we’re headed. In my profession, I have to work with uneasy clients daily, and it can be difficult to remind them that the stock market is constantly moving […]

A List of Some 2007 Cyber Monday Sales


Tweet I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all of the nicknames that the media is giving to certain days this time of year. First it was Black Friday, which stemmed from retailers marking the day after Thanksgiving as a time when they head into the black. Now, we have Cyber Monday, which […]

Happy Thanksgiving! A Trip Through the Archives


Tweet If you celebrate Thanksgiving, then I hope you are able to enjoy some time with friends and family over the coming days. That is exactly the reason why I’m posting this a bit early, because I’ll be on the road starting Wednesday and traveling hundreds of miles while I make the rounds to visit […]

Generation X Finance Review by Chance Favors

Chance Favors

Tweet I was delighted to see that Chance Favors had taken the time to review this site, and the kind words are always encouraging. I signed up to his feed a few days ago, and I must say, there is some good stuff going on over there. We have very similar views and target the […]

Poll: With the Weak U.S. Dollar, What Action Are You Taking?

Tweet Earlier in the week I discussed the declining dollar and one possible way to take advantage of the situation. The comments to that post were varied, from those who want to stock up on international stock, buy gold, to even thinking that we’ve hit a bottom and the dollar is headed back up. So, […]

It's Time for Generation X to Grow Up

Tweet Last week MSNBC had an interesting article titled For Gen X, Time to Grow Up and Get a Broker. This generation had a somewhat negative image when we were kids, but as the article points out, most of us in this generation have outgrown that image and moved on to be at successful points […]