Achieve Financial Peace With an Emergency Fund

Tweet This is a guest post from Brooke at Dollar Frugal. Brooke writes about ways to get to the bottom line on your life costs. If you like this article, check out her RSS feed. An emergency fund is one of the first things you should build up before getting crazy with paying off debt […]

What the Presidential Elections Mean for the Economy and You


Tweet This is a guest post by Milk Your Money — a daily blog dedicated to helping it’s readers reach their financial goals by making smart everyday money decisions. Historic Economic Policy Beliefs Historically, Republicans have believed in policies that favor a free market. Policies that would in any way burden businesses from growing, innovating, […]

3 Effective Option Strategies to Soften The Blow in This Volatile Market

Tweet  This is a guest post by Ciaran McKeever and he is a Certified Financial Planner that runs the Chance Favors blog. Chance Favors hopes to educate, encourage and empower those in their 30′s and 40′s to achieve financial independence. If you’ve been following the stock market then you know the last 2-3 months have […]

I Blew $5,000 in Learning How Not To Invest

Tweet This is a guest post by Randy Peterman — a software developer, husband and father living in Colorado. He runs a quirky personal finance blog called “Watch My Money Maker.” In devastation I looked at my investment account – I had a remaining $13.28 cents in my trading account after selling out of yet […]

One Critical Thing You Need to Know About Life Insurance

Tweet This is a guest post by Chris Smude. Chris is the President and Founder of Smude & Associates – an entrepreneurial intellectual capital organization with a specialization in the financial services industry. You can also find more posts on his blog. Heads up! A lady (not a client) called me last week about a […]

Congratulations to the TurboTax Contest Winner

Tweet Congratulations to Lily of The Honest Dollar for winning the TurboTax Premier software. There were nearly 100 entries of all types, from comments, incoming links, and those who found the hidden posts in the archives. Thanks to everyone who took part. I look forward to being able to provide more opportunities for contests like […]

Poll: Have You Filed Your Taxes Yet?

Tweet As we reach the midway point in February, many people have received all of the information needed to file their taxes. For those who get refunds, you generally want to file as soon as possible so that you can get that refund money into your hands. On the other hand, if you owe money, […]

Redefining Risk: Your Investments Aren't as Risky as You Think

Redefining Risk

Tweet In the world of finance and investments, the discussion surrounding risk is everywhere. Stocks carry risk, borrowing money has risk, you risk losing your job or becoming disabled–risk is everywhere. But what does risk really mean? To find out, I spent the last week asking people that very question. These are regular people, most […]