March Review, Top Comments, and Other News

Tweet March 2008 has some and gone already, and I wanted to take a moment to  acknowledge the people who have contributed the most to the site in the past month as well as highlight a few other noteworthy items. Top Commentators Steve Austin (12) Jen (8) Trees Full of Money (5) Webomatica (5) Fiscal […]

Poll: What Will You Do With Your Tax Rebate Check?

Tweet As you know by now, many taxpayers will be receiving a rebate later this year. The purpose of this rebate was to help the struggling economy, but there are fears that this stimulus package will have little impact. Many people are struggling and find money is tight, and the $600 or $1,200 they may […]

Is Generation X Responsible for the Real Estate and Mortgage Problems?

Monopoly Houses

Tweet I came across an interesting article from ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) that discusses the current housing crisis and breaks down what type of person or family is affected the most. Their focus is more on the affordability of housing and rent and not so much on the declining real estate prices here in […]

Congratulations to the TaxCut Contest Winners

Random Numbers

Tweet The results are in, and I have the winners for the three TaxCut flash drives. It was interesting to see all of the college basketball picks that everyone had as well, and there were a number of upsets this weekend. Luckily, Michigan State pulled it off late last night and we’re headed to the […]

Poll: Do You Feel We're in a Recession?

Tweet According to a recent CNN poll, nearly 3 out of 4 Americans think that we are in a recession. Naturally, I figured it would be interesting to pose the same question to the readers here to see where our generation stands in terms of thinking about a recession. But first, we have to define […]

TaxCut 1 GB USB Flash Drive Giveaway


Tweet Are you still putting off your taxes? The clock is ticking, but you still have a little under a month left to file. That is plenty of time to enter my TaxCut USB flash drive giveaway! TaxCut is good tax preparation software, and it is actually what I’ve used the past few years. In […]

Poll: How Do You Prepare Your Taxes?

Tweet With tax time upon us, you have probably either already filed, completed, or at least started thinking about your taxes. But, how do you prepare your taxes? Do you stick to the traditional method of filling out the paper forms by hand, or do you rely on the assistance of a software program? Or […]