Administration Brings Back One-Year Treasury Bill

Tweet Since 2001, we’ve had to do without the one-year treasury bill. The government was enjoying a nice surplus, so the need to raise money through the sale of treasury bills was not a high priority. As you know, times have changed. The surplus is gone, and we’re faced with a staggering budget deficit, and […]

Poll: What do You Make of All This News Regarding the Hoarding of Food?

Tweet If you’ve been paying any attention to the news in recent weeks, you’ve probably heard some of the stories of food shortages and limits being placed on how much food can be purchased. For example, Costco and Sam’s Club in many areas are limiting rice sales. Even more shocking are articles like this one […]

How to Eliminate Mutual Fund Deadbeats from your Portfolio

Tweet This article is a guest post from G.E. Miller, author of the personal finance blog If you like this post, head on over and subscribe to his feed. A reader’s request: Recently a reader, whom I shall refer to as ‘Steve’ requested that I take a look at his portfolio and tell him […]

Maybe Higher Food Prices Are Actually Good For Us as a Society

Tweet CNN is about the most worthless place to get news, but I still check their site a few times a week for comedic value. I’m usually pleasantly surprised when I come across some absurd story, and today was no different. The sensationalistic stories that constantly portray the world ending are far from news, and […]

Poll: How Do You Envision Your Ideal Retirement?

Tweet For most of us, retirement may still seem a long ways off. If you’re in your 30s and plan on retiring at the traditional retirement age, you’re looking at another 25 to 35 years or so. Of course, that is assuming you want to be working into your 60s. Many people have aspirations of […]

How Would You Like to Get $25 for FREE? – Get Your Free Money Today

Tweet How many times does an opportunity to get $25 for doing virtually nothing come along? Not very often. But today, and for the next few weeks, this money is free for the taking. The best part is that you don’t have to jump through any hoops, sign up for a bunch of worthless offers, […]

Thank You, Yahoo!, for Perpetuating the Use of Home Equity as Cash

Yahoo! Real Estate Ad

Tweet I don’t usually pay much attention to the junk mail that I regularly get, but I received an email from Yahoo! Real Estate that had the subject: Use Home Equity to Finance Your Next Big Dream. With a subject like that, I just had to take a look. Clearly, we are all aware of […]

Poll: How Much Are You Saving This Year Compared to Last Year?

Tweet As economic times get tougher for some, I wonder what effect this has on how much people are able to save. Are you finding that you are able to save more this year? Less? The same amount? In addition to your relative savings amount, has your saving priorities changed? For example, has your focus […]

Are You a Part of Generation X? If so, USA Today Wants to Talk to You

Tweet If you fall somewhere in the demographic for Generation X, I have an opportunity for you. I’ve been talking with Lynn O’Shaughnessy, who is writing an article for USA Today that discusses Generation X and their finances. I’ve shared a lot of my observations and information, but she also wants to have a peek […]