A Reminder to Keep Your Beneficiaries Up-to-Date

Tweet When it comes to our investment accounts, one of the most overlooked aspects is the beneficiary form. In some cases, people don’t add a beneficiary at all, and in other cases, the information is outdated and the wrong people are listed on the account. Nobody likes to think about death, but the beneficiary information […]

Poll: Is Limiting a CEO's Pay Based on Net Worth Fair?

Tweet I came across an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about how more and more companies are taking into account a CEOs net worth and past earnings in order to justify reducing or limiting their compensation. I encourage you to read the article, which can be found in its entirety at Yahoo! Finance. […]

Friday Finance Findings For June 20th – Extended Warranty Edition

Tweet Normally you hear about those extended warranties on electronics, and the common consensus is that they are a waste of money. I tend to agree, but when it came to our Xbox 360, it was the best investment we could have made. We picked up our Xbox in December of 2006, and back then […]

5 Quick Homeowners Insurance Tips That Can Save You Money and Your Home

Tweet Your home is likely your most valuable asset–make sure it is properly protected. Home ownership isn’t always a walk in the park and insurance is there to help you in some of the worst of times. While your CLUE Report will help determine the kind of coverage you can buy, it is ultimately your […]

Poll: Do You Use Coupons When Grocery Shopping?

Tweet The news continues to showcase stories of people having trouble with the rising food prices, and one common theme that is showing up is the use of coupons. Unfortunately, the media usually uses a headline with words like creative ways or resorting to when talking about the measures people take to save money. These […]

The Connection Between Your Brain and Credit Card Debt

Tweet This is a guest post from Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil. Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil has been an internationally acclaimed relationship therapist for thirty years. New York magazine named her one of the city’s top therapists and Psychology Today named her one of America’s best therapists. Her most recent book, Financial Infidelity, is available on […]

Price Drops Are Good for Young Investors in the Stock Market

Tweet This is a guest post by Rob Bennett, the author of Passion Saving; The Path the Plentiful Free Time and Soul-Satisfying Work. You can read more at the Passion Saving website. I’ve spoken to a good number of investors in their 20s and 30s who are concerned about the poor performance of U.S. stocks […]