Poll: With Bank Failures on the Rise, Have You Changed Banks?

Tweet Look no further than the IndyMac failure, and many people have come to realize that it can happen to them. Bank failures are usually far and few between, but this year’s credit problems are forcing more banks to fail than usual. Some experts say that IndyMac was only the beginning, and many more failures […]

How to Tell if You Have a Bad 401k Plan

Tweet Wondering if Your 401k Sucks? A Few Tips to Help You Spot a Bad Plan CNN Money recently featured another piece by ‘The Mole’ that discusses what to do if you have a bad 401k plan, and this was followed up by J.D. at Get Rich Slowly with a few more tips. There is […]

Top 12 Money Mistakes Most People Make

Tweet Identifying These Money Mistakes Can Help You Achieve Financial Independence Let’s face it. Nobody is perfect, and when it comes to money, we all make mistakes. Our personal finance lessons are often learned through experience, and learning from those mistakes is sometimes the best way to learn. But, learning from your mistakes only works […]

Welcome PC Magazine Readers

Tweet If you have stumbled upon this site from the PC Magazine article covering the top 15 web sites for managing money, I just wanted to welcome you. As the article mentioned, this site is geared towards younger working adults, typically in their 30s, to late 20s and early 40s. This group of people, or […]

Poll: When Do You Think the Markets Will Begin to Recover?

Tweet Everyone has their own opinion, and there is plenty of speculation on the state of the stock market and the overall economy, but what do you think? I’ve heard some analysts say that after the better than expected earnings of many companies, including some of the financials, that the worst is behind us. Others […]

A Few New Features at Generation X Finance

Tweet If you’re a regular reader, you may have already noticed, but for those who stick to reading from the RSS feed, you may not have noticed. I have updated the commenting aspect of the site to include SezWho. If you aren’t familiar with it, simply look at any post that has comments. You’ll now […]

From the Front Lines: Changing Your Risk Tolerance Based on a Bear Market

Tweet Market Conditions Shouldn’t Sway Your Risk Tolerance Last week, I talked about investors who make the drastic change from stocks to bonds or cash based on the troubled market. In this week’s edition of the “From the Front Lines” mini-series, I wanted to expand on that by talking about the people I meet with […]