3 ½ Steps You Can Take To Eliminate Money Fights With Your Love Bunny

Tweet This is a guest post by Neal Frankle. Neal found himself in a financially fragile situation at the age of 17. Both his parents passed away while he was still in high school, leaving behind a small insurance settlement. Neal sought out a financial advisor to help him invest his nest egg so that […]

Five Things We Can Learn From the Market Bust

Tweet This is a guest post by Dana. Dana writes for the Investoralist, a blog that explores the fundamental principles of successful investing, and provide meaningful discussion of the topic based on a holistic look at the macro-investing environment. We are in a severe recession ‒ some say the worst since the Great Depression. For […]

Poll: Have You or Do Use Peer-to-Peer Lending Like Lending Club?

Tweet You’ve probably heard about peer-to-peer lending before since it is starting to gain in popularity, but it’s still relatively new. Right now, the two major players are Lending Club and Prosper. Right now, Prosper isn’t taking on any new lenders or borrowers while it goes through its quiet period. Lending Club went through the […]

TurboTax Premier Giveaway Contest – Two Copies Up for Grabs


Tweet Win a Free Copy of Turbo Tax Premier ($85 value!) April 15th is rapidly approaching and you only have a few more weeks to file your taxes. I know, taxes aren’t any fun, but we don’t have much of a choice. That being said, Intuit has stepped up to make this year’s taxes a […]

Asset Allocation: An Important Part of All Financial Plans

Tweet This is a guest post by Mike Smith. Mike is an electrical engineer with a passion for personal finance. He is the author of the personal finance and investing blog Richer by the Day, as well as a daily contributor to the Lending Club blog. Asset allocation is an important part of portfolio planning, […]

Generation X Has Taken a One-Two Punch in These Economic Times

Tweet Two Bursting Bubbles in 10 Years Dish Out Hard Times In this latest financial meltdown a lot of attention has been spent talking about the baby boomers who are looking to retire but have recently seen their nest egg drop 30% or more in a little over a year. This is obviously a significant […]

FTC Creates Video PSA Spoofs of FreeCreditReport.com Commercials

Tweet If you watch any TV, you’ve probably seen these commercials from FreeCreditReport.com. They typically have a band and a guy singing a catchy jingle that tells a story about how he should have checked his free credit report. The commercials aren’t too bad, but there’s one big problem — the reports aren’t free if […]

NURU Personal Finance Cards: A Review and Giveaway


Tweet NURU Personal Finance Cards Do you get bored reading personal finance books? Is your attention span too short to be bothered with reading for a half hour just to learn a relatively simple concept? Well, the NURU Personal Finance cards may be perfect for you. This deck of 28 cards is designed to help […]