Get Your Quicken 2009 Discount Before May 31st – 33% Off

Tweet There are a number of financial management programs out there, but Quicken has been one of the leaders for years. I’ve been using Quicken for about three years and just recently upgraded to the 2009 edition. It’s really nice, and if you’re looking for a comprehensive financial management program it’s hard to beat. Luckily, […]

8 Small Changes You Can Make to Save an Extra $100 This Month

Tweet The Authors of “The Power of Small” Share a Few Small Tips That Can Add Up to Big Savings Let’s face it. Right now, times are tough and we’re all looking for little ways to save in our day to day routines. Although saving an extra $100 a month sounds like a lofty goal […]

Consider a Microsoft TechNet Plus Subscription to Keep Computing Costs Down

Tweet If you’re reading this, you’re using a computer. Computers have become a necessity for most of us, and in many cases, we have even more than one. Unfortunately, computers can also have costs associated with them as technology continues to advance and software gets updated. If you’re like the millions of others out there […]

CNN Money's 7 Best Ways to Save – Are They Really the Best?

Tweet Everyone wants to save money these days. The economy is struggling, energy costs are still high, retirement accounts have been decimated, so finding ways to stretch your dollar have become more popular than ever. But what are the best ways to save money? I stumbled across this article by CNN Money that lists the […]

Buying High and Selling Low Continues for Many Investors

Tweet I’ve talked about this trend in the past where people do just the opposite of what they should be doing. Ask even the most novice investor and I bet they can recite the words “buy low and sell high” to you. It’s an incredibly simple concept, yet most people can’t follow through with it. […]

Poll: Have You Refinanced Your Mortgage Recently?

Tweet I’m sure you’ve already heard the news, but mortgage rates are down significantly over the past year or so. Many people are talking about getting into a fixed mortgage with rates under 5%. That’s pretty significant when you consider that just a few years ago most people were getting 30-year fixed loans for anywhere […]

Wall Street Journal Subscription Discount: The WSJ is Cheaper Than You Think

Tweet Wall Street Journal Subscription Discount of over 67% plus More Equals Big Savings While many newspapers are vanishing, there’s one paper that has, and should continue to stand the test of time. The Wall Street Journal has been the definitive source for financial news since 1889 when it was delivered by telegraph. Surpassed by […]