8 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

Tweet If there is one item in my budget I hate more than everything else it has to be auto insurance. If you think about it, you can go years or maybe even your entire life without ever having to make a claim so it feels like you’re throwing good money away, but it will […]

How to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits – Eligibility Requirements

Tweet While I’ve talked about the importance of having disability insurance in the past, a lot of questions still arise regarding Social Security disability benefits. Everyone seems to have a story, or know someone who’s receiving Social Security disability, so there is always some skepticism as to whether or not outside coverage is needed. Think of […]

My Brown Bag Lunch Experiment – Save Over $1,000 a Year

Tweet My wife and I are busy people, and generally our only option for lunch while at work is to pick up something at a restaurant, or in my case, the cafeteria here where I work. We always knew it was an expensive habit, but the fact that it is so convenient and there are […]

Don't Have Any Money Saved Up? Start Small and Make Saving Automatic

Tweet Create an Emergency Fund With Baby Steps It probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise that not having enough money saved up can pose a financial problem. We all know that saving money is important, but when times are tough and money is tight it feels like an impossible task. But the risk […]

Poll: Are You Looking to Buy or Sell a House Right Now?

Tweet If you spend any time listening to the news, it’s no surprise that we’re still in the midst of a real estate slump. Certainly,  some areas have fared worse than others, but as a whole, most real estate values have dropped over the past few years. While this is bad news for those who […]

How to Brew Your Own Beer and Maybe Even Save Some Money – Bottling


Tweet Welcome to the final installment of the how to brew your own beer series. So far we’ve talked about what kind of equipment you need in order to brew, how to brew beer using a basic extract recipe kit, and today we need to talk about bottling your creation. While we’re going to talk […]

For a Good Time Call 1-800-829-1040

Tweet While this number may not provide the same thrills of calling the number etched on the bathroom stall it could end up saving you money. This is the toll-free number for the IRS tax question line. With this number you can be put in touch with someone right at the IRS who can assist […]

5 Tips to Help You Save Money and Protect Your Home With Homeowners Insurance

Tweet If you own a home, it’s almost certain that you have homeowners insurance. While insurance agents will help determine the kind of coverage you can buy, it is ultimately your responsibility to know what the policy covers. And remember, insurance agents are salesmen and typically work on commission. This isn’t a bad thing, but […]