If You're Going to Consolidate Debt Then You Have to Stop Using Credit

Tweet When it comes to paying off debt there’s one useful tool that can not only simplify your finances but also reduce the amount of interest you pay. Debt consolidation takes some or all of your small debts and combines them into one loan or line of credit. This results in just one payment and […]

Add More Tools to Your Financial Toolbox to Solve Money Problems

Tweet More Tools Lead to Better Solutions What do you do when you run into a financial problem? Most of the time you’re going to use what’s available to you in terms of knowledge, past experiences, or possibly look for help from family or friends. These are your financial tools. You will use one of […]

Your Financial Success Depends on the Clarity of Your Goals

Tweet Clearly Defined Goals Will Help You Achieve Success I have discussed in the past the importance of setting and tracking goals and how it can affect your results on both a personal and financial level. I wanted to take a moment to discuss in more detail how goal clarity combined with a positive attitude can […]

Should You Buy Disability Insurance?

Tweet I occasionally receive questions from readers that ask about a number of financial issues, and a recent reader asked: “Is is smart to buy disability insurance?” Of course, without understanding someone’s complete financial situation it is impossible to give a straight “yes” or “no” answer, but I can provide some insight as to when it […]

Poll: Should the 401(k) Contribution Limit be Reduced in 2010?

Tweet Not long ago we heard that for the first time in years Social Security beneficiaries won’t be receiving their annual cost of living adjustment. This means those who draw a monthly Social Security check won’t see an increase in 2010. A lot of people are understandably upset about this. While the cost of living […]