How to Satisfy Your Need for Books and Movies Without Spending a Fortune

Tweet Has your current financial situation got you tightening your belt and omitting things like gifts and entertainment from your budget?  Has your weekly trip to the movies been replaced by Netflix?  Do the books that you read primarily come from the library?  Do you find yourself wishing you had more money to buy the […]

Want to Become a Millionaire? Don't Be Like This Guy

Tweet Do you want to become a millionaire? Stupid question, I know. Who wouldn’t want to be a millionaire? Well, I’ve shared my 5 steps on how to become a millionaire in the past, but there are a few unconventional methods as well. One of those is to win big on a game show — […]

How to Save Money for Christmas in a Short Amount of Time


Tweet Build Up Your Holiday Gift Budget in Just Two Short Months Can you believe that Black Friday is just a month away? It’s the biggest shopping day of the year and there will be countless deals to take advantage of to ramp up for the holiday season. After that, you have just under a […]

7 Easy Ways You Can Save Money in College

Tweet Ah, college. Some say it’s the best time of your life, and while I wouldn’t necessarily agree or disagree with that, there is one drawback about college: you’re usually on a pretty tight budget. As college becomes more and more expensive, and you have to take out more and more loans, there’s not a […]

The Dow at 10,000 – Where Do We Go From Here?

Tweet The Dow is at 10,000. Big deal, right? After all, it is just a number, but there has been a lot of emphasis placed on this milestone recently. Why is the media obsessed over this number? It has been over a year since we’ve seen the market at these levels, so whether it is […]

Check Our Yesterday's Personal Finance Hour on Retirement

Tweet In case you missed it, I was a guest on the popular Personal Finance Hour hosted by Jim from Bargaineering and J.D. Roth over at Get Rich Slowly. Each Monday they spend an hour discussing a finance topic, chat with listeners, and take calls to answer questions. This week the topic was retirement. Given […]

TradeKing $50 Bonus for New Accounts

Tweet Have you been looking for a discount online broker? Look no further than TradeKing. I’ve written about them in the past because they offer some of the lowest commissions in the industry and back it with fantastic customer service and trading interface. The rules are pretty simple. You just have to create a new […]

Four Fiscally-Fit Financial Roadblocks

Tweet In a few short months, you’re probably going to give yourself a money-related New Year’s Resolution that will last all of about two or three weeks. It might be to save more money or spend less. It might be to start keeping a budget or invest more in the stock market. Whatever it is, […]

Become a Fan of Generation X Finance on Facebook

Tweet Do you like this site? Are you on Facebook? Well, now you can have a little bit of both. I have set up a Facebook Fan page for Generation X Finance. I actually set up a fan page a long time ago but at the time I messed up and created it as a […]