Secured Credit Cards: A Good Alternative in Times of Tight Lending

Tweet In this day and age, access to a credit card is virtually a necessity. It’s very impractical to carry bundles of cash and paying for things is so much more convenient with plastic. But using your debit card also carries a little added risk. Lately, the credit industry has been stifled and getting a […]

Credit Score and Credit History Basics

Tweet When it comes to staying on top of your finances there are few things that can have such a lasting impact as your credit history. Many people have heard the terms “credit report” and “credit score” before and many of you know what is a good credit score, but not everyone knows exactly what […]

Poll: Where Do You Turn for Financial Advice

Tweet Where do you turn for financial advice? These days you have a lot of options. The traditional media feeds us money advice 24/7, there are hundreds of personal finance blogs such as this one offering tips and commentary, you still have friends and family to turn to, or maybe you don’t want to be […]

9 Financial Tips for New Graduates

Tweet Graduating from high school or college is a big deal. It’s a point in your life where you embark on a new journey that carries more responsibility and begin taking actions that determine your future. Becoming financially responsible is one of the new challenges you’ll face and it will be important to your success […]

Examine Your Attitudes Toward Money and Uncover Problems

Tweet Unhealthy Attitudes Can Lead to Financial Ruin How you value, spend, save, and invest money has more to do about who you are a person than you may realize. You don’t just develop good and bad money habits by chance. Instead, they are usually a result of an underlying personality trait or develop over […]

Should You Be Investing in Gold?

are precious metals a good investment

Tweet The Downsides of Investing in Gold May Outweigh the Benefits Early May has shown the price of gold reach record levels, mostly due to continued reports regarding Greece’s financial situation. In capricious times of change economists have always recommended investing in gold due to its reputation for being able to weather the storm and […]

How to Manage Your Money When Starting a Business

writing a business plan

Tweet Starting a Business is Easy, but Be Sure You Treat Your Finances Wisely Starting your own business is the holy grail for many people who’d like to get away from the 9 to 5 grind. Feeling the freedom of being your own boss while knowing that you’re entirely responsible for the success of your […]

Setting Your Financial Goals With a Goal Worksheet


Tweet Without Goals You Have Nothing to Achieve So you’re putting part of your paycheck aside for your retirement account, making more than the minimum payment on your credit cards, and spending less than you earn so you’re doing everything you can, right? Not quite. While all of these things are good habits to get […]

The 7 Biggest Money Problems Most People Have


Tweet These Money Problems Can Prevent You From Building Wealth Building wealth is a part of the American Dream. We’re told that through hard work and seizing opportunities we can lead successful, healthy, and wealthy lives. But building wealth isn’t important just for the sake of having money. In fact, it’s almost a requirement these […]

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Policy


Tweet If you have a car, then you need auto insurance. There’s a good chance you’ll never need to file a claim, but car insurance is one of those things that you’re thankful you have if you do. Depending on many factors such as how many vehicles you have, your driving record, and age, auto […]