Poll: How Much Do You Spend on Utilities Each Month?


Tweet Utilities are a part of life for almost everyone. Whether you own or rent, you’re responsible for paying for utilities such as electricity, gas, water, sewer, etc. Granted, renters occasionally find leases where some or all utilities are included, but ultimately you’re still paying for them as they are tied into the monthly rent. […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Finding and Working Seasonal Jobs


Tweet Finding Seasonal Jobs Can be Rewarding and Profitable Although dated, The Back Door Guide To Short-Term Job Adventures by Michael Landes, proves to be a valuable resource for seasonal employment.  The book, last published by Ten Speed Press in 2005, contains 584 pages of information concerning “internships, summer jobs, seasonal work, volunteer vacations, and […]

Caretaking As a Career Option – What's In It For You?

Brazilian Vacation Taxes

Tweet I am suffering from a rabid case of wanderlust after reading through the listings featured in the Caretaker’s Gazette. Who doesn’t like the idea of earning their keep by caring for properties throughout the world? I personally find the thought of caring for a villa in Latin America or Europe very romantic. As a […]

Poll: Do You Pay Extra On Your Mortgage Each Month?

Tweet For most homeowners a mortgage is just a fact of life. You get a loan and then make monthly payments for what seems like an eternity. It’s not all that bad because it does put a roof over your head and you’re using leverage to buy something that could otherwise take decades to save […]

Health Savings Account (HSA) Basics


Tweet What is a Health Savings Account? Health savings accounts (HSAs) allow individuals to save money for health care expenses on a tax-deferred and tax-free basis. This law was signed into law on December 8, 2003 and became effective on January 1, 2004. The tax deferred money can be invested into mutual funds, stocks, cash […]

Restaurants That Let Kids Eat Free


Tweet Save Money by Dining Where Kids Eat Free Today’s budget conscious family has made their fair share of financially sound decisions to save money.  From buying secondhand to growing their own backyard gardens, parents with multiple children take it upon themselves to cut back on unnecessary spending by doing almost anything.  With so many mouths to feed, […]

Saving Money on Your Summer Utility Bills


Tweet Saving Money on Summer Utilities Can Save Hundreds of Dollars Each Year There are countless methods available for lowering your energy bills and one of the best times to cut back is during the dog days of summer. Making the proper adjustments to your home and your lifestyle can work wonders in helping save […]

How Living Like a College Student Can Get You Through Tough Times


Tweet College students around the nation know the importance of living within their means.  Often given a tight budget to work with, young men and women must consciously account for every cost or sacrifice the time that could be spent studying working a full or part-time job. Think back to your college days. How did […]

The Importance of Creating a Savings Account

Tweet Saving money. It’s something everyone knows they should do. So why does it seem so difficult to get started? The fact is everyone has to start somewhere, and starting is the hardest part. Having liquid savings is something that might impact you in ways you hadn’t thought of. We all know how important having […]