How to Turn Your iPod Touch Into a Phone with One Amazing App

Tweet A couple of days ago, I read an article on CNN about a guy who turned his iPod Touch into a cell phone.  I was hoping to gain some insight as to how I could perfect this process as I just purchased a headset with microphone specifically for this purpose.  What I was surprised […]

There Is More To Risk Than Meets The Eye

Tweet Risk Isn’t Just About an Investment Going Down in Value Investors generally think of risk as simply the chance of losing part or all of their investment. While this is certainly one type of risk when it comes to investing, it is definitely not the only type risk. In fact, other forms of risk […]

You Need a Budget Review

you need a budget review

Tweet An often overlooked tool in managing your personal finances, the basic budget is where it all begins, so you need a budget reivew.  The budget is the foundation from which all other things relating to your personal finances are built.  Ironically, many of us have the tendency to set our budget and move on […]

TurboTax Online Giveaway

Tweet It’s tax time once again, and that means many of you are in the process of filing your tax returns. The IRS just started processing returns that were initially delayed due to the new tax laws, but now that everybody is eligible to file things are kicking into high gear. But before you rush […]

Finding the Best Mortgage Deals and Rates

Tweet Finding the Best Mortgage Can Save You Thousands Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you’ll ever make. Because it’s such a large purchase and there is a lot of money at stake it only makes sense to get the best possible financing. After all, most home loans last for decades, so […]

MyJibe Review – Taking Your Budget to the Next Level


Tweet Over the past few weeks I’ve had a chance to experiment with a new financial service that’s aimed to help regular people improve their finances. It’s called MyJibe. MyJibe is a unique, easy-to-use, web-based software for helping people manage their money, make spending decisions and plan for the future so they can have more […]

Five Creative and Free Things to Do This Year

Tweet Are you looking for a creative project to do this year that doesn’t require loads and loads of cash?  Life can get pretty boring if you find yourself in the same rut. Going to the movies, visiting the local theme park each year, and sitting around watching TV when you’re bored. How about trying […]

Top 10 Ways to Get Maximum Return After Filing an Auto Insurance Claim


Tweet You’ve dealt with the accident, made sure everyone involved is safe, and filed your auto insurance claim. But, what’s next? I’m sure there are a million questions going through your head “What do I do next?” “When will I hear from the insurance agency?” And perhaps most importantly “Did I do everything I could have?” […]

5 Frugal Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day


Tweet Valentine’s Day leaves a lot to the imagination.  In fact, frugal guys and gals find all sorts of ways to celebrate February 14th.  You don’t have to rely on overpriced chocolates and flower arrangements to make your sweetheart happy.  With a little imagination and even less money, you can make it a day to […]