Poll: Did You Miss Two of the Best Years in the Stock Market?

Tweet The great recession, high unemployment, and the damage to your portfolio done in 2008 are probably still fresh in your mind, but did you know that even though the economy as a whole is slow to recover that the past two years the stock market has been churning out record returns? If you were […]

How Does Getting Married Affect My Taxes?

Tweet Filing jointly vs. Separately Can Impact Tax Deductions and Credits You Receive I recently had a chance to speak with Leigh Mutert, a CPA and community manager for H&R Block, and I was hoping to get some expert tax advice to share for this coming tax season. One of the biggest changes most people […]

Five Ways I Plan To Save Money in February

Tweet Now that January has passed and Christmas has been paid for, I’m sticking to my guns and tightening my belt.  There are a lot of areas of my life where I can save.  For February, I am sticking to five: Cable, Cell Phone, Lunch, Coupons, and Impulse Shopping. Although I like to think that […]

Homemade Salsa Recipe – Cheap and Easy

Homemade Salsa

Tweet How to Make Your Own Salsa If you love salsa and thought it was too hard to make at home, I’m going to have to stop you right there. In fact, it’s one of the easiest dips you’ll ever have a chance to make and it will taste a hundred times better than most […]

Estimate Your Tax Refund With TurboTax TaxCaster Calculator

2013 Tax Calculator

Tweet A Tax Refund Estimate Calculator Are you wondering if you’re going to get a tax refund or maybe owe Uncle Sam this year? Well, instead of waiting until you completely go through your tax return you can plug in some numbers and get a rough estimate today. This can be especially helpful if you […]

Bootstrapping Your Start-Up Business with Little or No Money

Tweet When unemployment rates start creeping up, those of us who are having a tough time finding work start thinking about opening our own businesses as an alternative.  Whether its inspiration or desperation is beside the point, but the thought of being your own boss could never be more appealing then after being unemployed for […]