Poll: Have You Filed Your Taxes Yet?

Tweet We are quickly closing in on the tax deadline, so those who haven’t already filed their taxes are probably starting to feel the pressure mount a bit. Sure, we still have a little more than a month to go, but it’s one of those things you hate to have lingering over your head. I […]

Understanding the 6 Types of Auto Insurance Coverage


Tweet People generally don’t put much thought into their auto insurance coverage. At the very least, there’s often a state minimum requirement, and beyond choosing the deductible most of the definitions on the auto policy just get glanced over.But understanding what these specific items cover, the limits, and amount it adds to your premium can […]

TradeKing Review: $4.95 Stock Trades and Bonuses

Tradeking Community Screenshot

Tweet TradeKing is One of the Top Discount Brokers for Good Reason When it comes to choosing a broker, you have plenty of choices. With those choices come a variety of pricing structures, fees, trading platforms, and features. Choices are good, and the competition drives innovation and pricing, so as investors we are rewarded. I […]

529 Plan Benefits Are Not Just for Kids


Tweet Thanks to the Pension Protection Act, the 529 plan looks like it is here to stay. These plans were initially slated to end in 2010, but that’s no longer the case and they are here to stay. A 529 plan is clearly recognized as a college education savings plan, but the benefits don’t stop […]

The Mortgage Tax Deduction Myth

how to save money for a house

Tweet Ask anyone what one of the major befits of buying a home is and you’re sure to hear many tout the benefits of the mortgage interest deduction. From your friends and neighbors to the financial gurus on TV, everyone urges you to buy a home for this sweet tax break. They can’t be wrong, […]