2011 Sales Tax Holiday Schedule


Tweet Sales tax is just one of those expenses we typically ignore. Every time we make a purchase the tax is just automatically added to the bill and since there’s nothing we can do about it’s easy to just forget about it or automatically factor it in. Plus, since often times we make just small […]

Extreme Couponing Creates Extreme Mess For Bargain Hunters

Sale word.

Tweet During what has been said to be one of the worst economic crises to hit America, those affected by downsizing and layoffs have resorted to drastic measures to put food on the table and keep on top of their mortgage payments.  This required tightening of the belt leaves little room for error. One mistake […]

Why You Should be Paying Attention to Medigap Plans


Tweet By the time those currently in their 40s retire and begin to qualify for Medicare, the government-run insurance program is going to be over 6 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. That means for every dollar the United States economy earns, a little more than six cents goes toward Medicare. Social Security looks to […]