Best Credit Cards to Use During the Holiday Shopping Season


Tweet The holiday season is a source of financial stress for many households. As gifts for kids and adults become increasingly tech oriented, the price tags on the season’s hottest and most popular gifts only continue to rise, putting greater strain on already tight budgets. While turning to credit cards to make holiday purchases isn’t […]

7 Ways to Reduce Your Holiday Travel Costs

Traveling in the Airport

Tweet With the holidays upon us, travel is probably on your mind or you may already be in the middle of your holiday travels. You may have family in another state or country or may finally have time off from work to actually take a vacation. No matter what the reason, you’ll want to get […]

6 Funds To Hedge Against a Recession


Tweet The word recession has investors searching for safe investments until the market rebounds. Just take a look at how the market has reacted recently. Investors want the maximum yield with the least risk involved. Luckily, options are available for investors to weather the storm until the economy improves. Mutual or index funds are a […]

Using Morningstar's Mutual Fund Comparison Tool to Compare Funds

Score Detail

Tweet Morningstar is great, and it is one of my favorite investing research sites out there. They have a ton of tools available for researching stocks, mutual funds, and now options. While some of these tools do require a premium membership, there are plenty of great tools that are free and available to everyone. You […]

ETFs vs. Mutual Funds: Which One is Right for You?

Tweet ETFs and Mutual Funds Both Have Advantages – Find Out Which One is Best For You Lately I’ve received a few questions from readers asking about the difference between an ETF and an index or mutual fund, and which one is better. Well, as with almost all things, there are pros and cons to […]

Home Updates That Are Worth the Investment


Tweet A home is generally one of the largest assets any person has. Although many have begun to shy away from homeownership because of the costs of upkeep, owning a home can still a great way to build equity and personal net worth. However, over the years, it is understandable to see why so many […]

How to Keep Your Job With High Unemployment Rates


Tweet 6 Tips to Help You Increase the Chances of Keeping Your Job Unemployment continues to remain high and jobs are hard to come by. The national average is still over 9 percent while many areas are being hit with unemployment rates of about 10 percent. Think about that for a minute. One out of […]

Tips for The Right Way to Live Frugally


Tweet So, you’ve turned over a new leaf. You’ve finally came to the realization that home brewed coffee is every bit as good as your regular cup from Starbucks and an expensive night out isn’t as fun as frugal family entertainment like watching a movie at home with your family or closest friends and saving money in […]

7 Tips For Buying Insurance Policies


Tweet If there’s one thing you should never rush into, it’s insurance.  Whether it’s life insurance or auto insurance, it’s a huge decision that demands a little research and your undivided attention. You don’t want to make any hasty moves because one move too soon could mean losses in the thousands over the long term. […]

Win a $50 AMEX Gift Card from

Tweet I’m happy to be hosting this giveaway of a $50 American Express Gift Card from Isn’t this the perfect time of year to have an extra $50 to spend on gifts? (Or buy something for yourself at those after-Christmas sales?) Let me tell you a little bit about our giveaway sponsor. Go Banking […]