Renters Insurance – How it Works and Why You Need It


Tweet When you buy a home or car, one of the first accessories you purchase is insurance. In many states the law requires you to have car insurance in place before a vehicle can be registered. Many mortgage lenders mandate that borrowers have homeowners insurance to protect the lender’s investment in the home. What about […]

Different Ways to Save Money – From Savings Accounts to Savings Bonds

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Tweet When people talk about having money for a rainy day they are usually referring to putting their money into a savings account. A rainy day or emergency fund is used to set aside money from every paycheck so that in the event of an emergency or unexpected expense there’s money readily available. Using a […]

Mutual Fund Fees for Beginners – Loads, Expense Ratios, and Share Classes


Tweet Mutual funds are one of the most common investment tools for the average investor. You’ll find them in your 401(k) plan, in your IRA, and everywhere in-between. Mutual funds are popular for good reason. They provide instant diversification without requiring a lot of money. Instead of having to pick all of the individual stocks […]

The Encyclopedia of Cheap Travel Book

Cheap Travel

Tweet I dream of being the female Anthony Bourdain. I picture myself jetsetting across the world in search of culinary delights and colorful people. My skills as a travel writer need polishing but I am in a place in my life where I can be mobile. My soul yearns for adventure. My budget, however, makes […]