Tax Relief for Unemployed Taxpayers Who Can’t Pay

Tweet As if being unemployed isn’t difficult enough, unemployment benefits are taxable, which can just add to the financial burden. ­It may seem like the unemployed can’t catch a break, but the IRS may have a heart (even a small one) after all. In early March of 2012, the IRS made an announcement stating they […]

Win $5,000 in This Roth IRA Giveaway

Tweet I’ve taken part in a number of giveaways on this site over the years ranging from books to iPads, but this giveaway is by far the biggest. Me and a few other personal finance blogs have teamed up with IRAmarket to give away $5,000 to fund your Roth IRA. This giveaway comes at a […]

The Secret to Saving Money


Tweet Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a secret to saving money? Actually, there is. Unfortunately, most experts cloud it with phrases such as “spend less than you earn” or “pay yourself first.” Granted, these are common tips that can be used to help you save money, but if that’s all there was to […]

Saving Money on Five Dollar Gas and Other Concerns

Saving Money at the Pump

Tweet With gas prices on the rise once again, it’s hard to predict how much the added expense will affect the average family. Experts seem to think that consumer confidence is up despite the fluctuation which leaves me feeling a bit skeptical. If the average person is ready to accept $4 a gallon gas, what happens when […]

24 Ways to Save on Your Tax Preparation Fees

Tweet In today’s economy, everyone is looking to save money on their groceries, car insurance, monthly rent expenses, and more. Luckily, this can work for tax time too. Below, we’ve outlined some of the top ways you can save money as April 15 nears, including: 9 ways to get prepared for your tax appointment 10 […]

Why You Need a Home Maintenance and Repair Fund


Tweet Owning a home has long been considered part of the American Dream. It can be quite satisfying as a young adult to finally break free from a life of paying rent to a landlord and staking claim on your own piece of property where you’re free to do as you please and begin building […]

Do You Have to Pay taxes on Unemployment Income?

Tweet Finding Out if You have to Pay Taxes on Unemployment Benefits Unemployment remains high and is still in the double digits in some states, but many Americans are filing taxes while unemployed for the first time. Tax laws are governed by the state of the economy, and the government makes amendments from time to […]