Doomsday Preppers Shows the Importance of Being Prepared


Tweet If you haven’t had the opportunity to catch an episode of Doomsday Preppers, National Geographic Channel’s new series, you’re missing out.  Where else are you going to learn how much time, energy, and resources go into prepping?   The hour long program follows average Americans as they prepare for TEOTWAWKI (The End of the World […]

The Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Concierge Services


Tweet Have you ever wanted someone else to take over some of your more complicated responsibilities? Long gone are the days when you would have a butler to take care of everyday needs. Nowadays, if you have certain credit cards, you can simply call your credit card company and have them do quite a variety […]

Order Types for Buying or Selling Stocks

how does the stock market work

Tweet Buying or selling stock couldn’t be easier with today’s technology. Investors can go online or call an automated trading platform to instantly place a trade. But just because it’s easy, it doesn’t mean you can’t make a mistake. There are a number of different order types that can be used to help you protect losses and […]

Five Places You Can Listen to Music for Free

Tweet Want to listen to music while working out or cleaning house but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it?  Why don’t you try these five sites on for size?  Not only will you have unlimited access to all your favorite tunes, it also won’t cost you a cent!  Now, that’s […]

My Employer Stopped Matching My 401k – Should I Still Contribute?

maximum 401K contribution 2014

Tweet This is one of the most frequently asked questions I’ve been receiving lately both at work and via email. Companies across the country are trying to find ways to cut costs during this recession and a prime target is the matching program on a 401k or 403b. This is bad news for employees, but […]

3 Things to Think About When Getting a Pay Raise

Tweet The story is very typical.  You get a call from the big boss and he asks you to come into his main office.  You’ve been working hard the last two years and you’ve been hoping and praying for a pay raise.  Your blood races faster and you start smiling.  You walk confidently into his […]

How to Buy a New Car the Right Way


Tweet Next to buying a home, buying a new car is right up there as one of the largest and more stressful financial decisions you’ll make. After all, buying a vehicle is a commitment and your decision will likely stick with you for a few years and become an integral part of your life. That’s […]