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Hello and welcome to Gen X Finance. My name is KC.

I am semi-retired in my early 30′s. I say semi-retired because I am way to young to be completely retired and done with working. Plus I plan on putting a lot of work into this website and giving back. It is great having enough money to be able to do whatever I want and not worry about a paycheck.

My Story

My wife makes me look good

I graduated from college early in 2000 with a bachelors in engineering. I worked for Toyota for two years as an engineer and then for an injection molding company for two more before quitting and taking the big leap into full self employment. During my time working at those companies my wife and I had started an e-commerce website selling muslin backdrops for professional photographers. We slowly grew that website until it was making more than I was at my full time job, then I stepped out and started doing it full time. It has been a great niche business that we still own today. If you are in the market for a backdrop be sure to check out Aura Backdrops, it is the best backdrop company out there if I do say so myself.

From there I did some web consulting and was apart of a few start-ups. I even tried to start my own tech start-up with money I had.

Along the way I decided it was best to diversify some of my cash into real estate and have done decent with that as well.

My wife and I where always very smart with our money and lived off of much much less than we made along the way. We always set aside money and invested it so we could have the security that money provides. Through all of this saving I was able to become a millionaire before I turned 30. It is great to be able to say I am a millionaire, but the bigger miracle through all of this is that I have been able to be at home to help my family through the years. My wife has had some health concerns that have been very limiting to her and what she can do. But because of how blessed we have been financially I have been able to take care of her and our children and fill in for my wife when she has been down and out.

In more recent years I had to decide what I wanted to do next with my life. With a net worth of over a million and a steady income coming in from my websites I had a great opportunity in front of me to figure out what I wanted to do next. I always loved the subject of personal finance and I especially loved helping people with personal finance so I decided I wanted to do something with that. Never being formally trained in finance I decided to go back to school and I received an MBA specializing in finance to help get me started.

From there I decided to start a blog to start sharing my story and help others along the way. After several months of blogging under a different address I realized that it would take forever to build up a blog to get any kind of larger traffic and really get my message out there. So I decided to purchase an already existing blog to help get a good jump start into the blogging world. That is what landed me here at GenXFinance. For more about Jeremy the original founder of this site go here.

So going forward in this blog I plan on sharing my story with you on how I become a millionaire and what I learned along the way.

Me with my family

So stay tuned for more to come and be sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay better connected with me.

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