Take Free Investing Classes at Morningstar and Even Earn Rewards

Tweet Most of us didn’t get much of a formal education when it comes to investing. We may have learned some basic concepts in an economics class, but when we’re talking about stocks, bonds, mutual funds and investment strategies, most of us have to learn on our own. But, there is an option out there […]

Making Money With Lending Club and a Review of Peer-to-Peer Lending


Tweet Does Lending Club Work? Peer-to-peer lending has been around for a few years now, and two of the biggest players are Prosper and Lending Club. I’m going to talk a little bit about Lending Club since that’s the service I’ve been using and have the most experience with. To give you a quick primer […]

Congress Is Investigating Target Date Funds – Should You?

Tweet This is a guest post by Neal Frankle,  CFP ®. Neal found himself in a financially fragile situation at the age of 17. Both his parents passed away while he was still in high school, leaving behind a small insurance settlement. Neal sought out a financial advisor to help him invest his nest egg so […]

Buying High and Selling Low Continues for Many Investors

Tweet I’ve talked about this trend in the past where people do just the opposite of what they should be doing. Ask even the most novice investor and I bet they can recite the words “buy low and sell high” to you. It’s an incredibly simple concept, yet most people can’t follow through with it. […]

March 2009 Was a Perfect Example of Why You Shouldn't Try to Time the Market

Dow Chart 1

Tweet March Rally Leaves Some Investors With Seller’s Remorse Buy and hold investors have felt like this tried and true strategy has failed them, and for good reason. The past decade has been downright ugly when it comes investing in the stock market. Over the past ten years, many will point out that their money […]

How To Handle Tremendous Investment Losses

Tweet This is a guest post by DebtKid. DebtKid writes about his journey to get out of debt, and achieve financial stability. He runs a small software development company in Seattle as well as working as Product Ambassador for LendingClub.com. How did your stock portfolio do in 2008? Unless you were shorting, I imagine you […]

Five Things We Can Learn From the Market Bust

Tweet This is a guest post by Dana. Dana writes for the Investoralist, a blog that explores the fundamental principles of successful investing, and provide meaningful discussion of the topic based on a holistic look at the macro-investing environment. We are in a severe recession ‒ some say the worst since the Great Depression. For […]

Asset Allocation: An Important Part of All Financial Plans

Tweet This is a guest post by Mike Smith. Mike is an electrical engineer with a passion for personal finance. He is the author of the personal finance and investing blog Richer by the Day, as well as a daily contributor to the Lending Club blog. Asset allocation is an important part of portfolio planning, […]