Welcome PC Magazine Readers

Tweet If you have stumbled upon this site from the PC Magazine article covering the top 15 web sites for managing money, I just wanted to welcome you. As the article mentioned, this site is geared towards younger working adults, typically in their 30s, to late 20s and early 40s. This group of people, or […]

A Few New Features at Generation X Finance

Tweet If you’re a regular reader, you may have already noticed, but for those who stick to reading from the RSS feed, you may not have noticed. I have updated the commenting aspect of the site to include SezWho. If you aren’t familiar with it, simply look at any post that has comments. You’ll now […]

How Would You Like to Get $25 for FREE? – Get Your Free Money Today

Tweet How many times does an opportunity to get $25 for doing virtually nothing come along? Not very often. But today, and for the next few weeks, this money is free for the taking. The best part is that you don’t have to jump through any hoops, sign up for a bunch of worthless offers, […]

Are You a Part of Generation X? If so, USA Today Wants to Talk to You

Tweet If you fall somewhere in the demographic for Generation X, I have an opportunity for you. I’ve been talking with Lynn O’Shaughnessy, who is writing an article for USA Today that discusses Generation X and their finances. I’ve shared a lot of my observations and information, but she also wants to have a peek […]

March Review, Top Comments, and Other News

Tweet March 2008 has some and gone already, and I wanted to take a moment to  acknowledge the people who have contributed the most to the site in the past month as well as highlight a few other noteworthy items. Top Commentators Steve Austin (12) Jen (8) Trees Full of Money (5) Webomatica (5) Fiscal […]

Congratulations to the TaxCut Contest Winners

Tweet The results are in, and I have the winners for the three TaxCut flash drives. It was interesting to see all of the college basketball picks that everyone had as well, and there were a number of upsets this weekend. Luckily, Michigan State pulled it off late last night and we’re headed to the […]

Congratulations to the TurboTax Contest Winner

Tweet Congratulations to Lily of The Honest Dollar for winning the TurboTax Premier software. There were nearly 100 entries of all types, from comments, incoming links, and those who found the hidden posts in the archives. Thanks to everyone who took part. I look forward to being able to provide more opportunities for contests like […]

Welcome to the New Site Design

Tweet This has been something I’ve been wanting to get around to for months, and I finally had the chance to work with someone to get a new design off the ground. So, if you’re reading this post in your feed reader, you may want to stop by to the site and see the changes. […]

Join Me on January 15th at 7 pm EST for a Live Finance Chat

Tweet On Tuesday the 15th, I’ll be hosting a personal finance chat with Lazy Man over at the 40s chat at Grab.com at 7 pm EST. It will be an open chat available to everyone, and we’ll try to answer as many questions as possible. While it is being hosted in the 40s chat room, […]