Some Minor Changes On The Site To Take Note Of

Tweet Over the weekend I spent some time cleaning up the code on the site and adding a few enhancements. Overall the look of the site shouldn’t have changed other than some cosmetic details but it should load (at least the content) a bit faster and I have hopefully squashed any lingering bugs between Internet […]

I Have Updated The About Page For Your Viewing Pleasure

Tweet With all of the “5 things you don’t know about me” posts going around lately it occurred to me that the about page on this site has not been updated since the site first went up. At the time I had haphazardly thrown together some basic information and had since forgotten about it. So […]

Please Update Your Feed For Generation X Finance

Tweet Well I’ve been living in the dark when it comes to blogging tools and services and just recently updated my feeds to feedburner. I set up an account with them over a month ago but never updated my feed links on the site. I guess that would explain why it always said I had […]