Are You a Credit Card Junkie? Learn How to Kick the Habit


Tweet Are you a credit junkie? Millions of Americans are, including our favorite relative, Uncle Sam. We usually think of junkies as drug addicts or drug peddlers, but a junkie is any person who derives inordinate pleasure from or who is dependent on something. For many people, that’s buying things with credit. In other words, […]

How to Break the Minimum Credit Card Payment Mindset

Tweet I’ve been spending a bit of time lately discussing credit cards and debt because it’s an important issue for many people. Unlike a lot of bloggers I’m not against credit cards completely. They are a financial tool just like any other. They can be a powerful tool when used correctly, but they can also […]

If You're Going to Consolidate Debt Then You Have to Stop Using Credit

Tweet When it comes to paying off debt there’s one useful tool that can not only simplify your finances but also reduce the amount of interest you pay. Debt consolidation takes some or all of your small debts and combines them into one loan or line of credit. This results in just one payment and […]

FTC Creates Video PSA Spoofs of Commercials

Tweet If you watch any TV, you’ve probably seen these commercials from They typically have a band and a guy singing a catchy jingle that tells a story about how he should have checked his free credit report. The commercials aren’t too bad, but there’s one big problem — the reports aren’t free if […]