Set Aside $1,000 in an Emergency Fund. Now

Tweet This is a guest post by FWP. FWP from the Financial Wellness Project shares her stories, lessons, and progress reports as she attempts to get a handle on her finances and make sense of money while still living a ‘rich’, enjoyable life. Please consider visiting and subscribing to the Financial Wellness Project and share […]

Lending Club is Now Open to Lenders Again After Completing SEC Registration

Lending Club Logo

Tweet If you follow the peer-to-peer lending arena, you might recall that back in April, Lending Club closed to new lenders as they began the SEC registration process. There was a lot of discussion and speculation regarding this move, but as of now, Lending Club has completed the registration process and is now open for […]

The Connection Between Your Brain and Credit Card Debt

Tweet This is a guest post from Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil. Dr. Bonnie Eaker Weil has been an internationally acclaimed relationship therapist for thirty years. New York magazine named her one of the city’s top therapists and Psychology Today named her one of America’s best therapists. Her most recent book, Financial Infidelity, is available on […]

Treat 'em Mean, Keep 'em Keen: Making Your Creditors Work for You

Tweet This is a guest post from Jonathan Leane from Master Your Card. Jonathan is a poor college student fighting to stay one step ahead of his loan repayments. Be sure to check out the site or subscribe to the RSS feed so you can learn to master your card. It was but several years […]

Credit Card Alerts: Good, Bad or Ugly?

Tweet While I’m away for the week on business I have some guest authors filling the void. Today’s topic is brought to you by Ben over at Money Smart Life. Money Smart Life is about living today and investing for tomorrow. Ben always has great new content that is worth checking out and one of […]

Understanding the Fine Print of a Loan Can Save You Money and Grief

Tweet If you have ever obtained a mortgage to buy a house or borrowed money to buy a car you are very familiar with the mountain of paperwork that can be required during this process. Most people simply don’t have the time to sit there and read all of the fine print and others actually […]