Robert Kiyosaki Finally Writes Something I Fully Agree With

Tweet Kiyosaki, like Suze Orman are two frequent columnists at Yahoo! Finance that I regularly read. Even though I read their ramblings I generally do not entirely agree with them. Whether it is a conflict of interest (online or off), tone or simply advice that is overly generic, something is typically amiss. On Monday when […]

You Don't Need To Use Credit To Earn Rewards


Tweet Most of us are aware of the various credit cards out there that provide rewards for using them. Some provide cash back, others offer airline miles or points to purchase gifts from a catalog. These can be great tools for those who use the credit cards to make purchases and then immediately pay off […]

Scare Teens Away From Credit?

Tweet I just stumbled across this article by Janet Bodnar called Scare Teens Away From Credit? It caught my attention because I spent a bit of time as a financial planner inside a retail bank, and I noticed a lot of parents doing this to their teens when coming in to open accounts before heading […]