No More Microsoft Money After June 30

Tweet I suppose it probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but Microsoft is discontinuing their money management software at the end of the month. They had a good run, but it’s pretty hard to keep up with so many free money management platforms and the long-standing top finance package that Quicken offers. The […]

Consider a Microsoft TechNet Plus Subscription to Keep Computing Costs Down

Tweet If you’re reading this, you’re using a computer. Computers have become a necessity for most of us, and in many cases, we have even more than one. Unfortunately, computers can also have costs associated with them as technology continues to advance and software gets updated. If you’re like the millions of others out there […]

Save Money This Valentine's Day by Having a Nice Romantic Meal At Home

Tweet Without a doubt, this Valentine’s Day is going to be tough on a lot of people. Unemployment continues to rise, investment accounts are taking a beating, and money is just tight all around. That doesn’t mean you have to completely put the romance on hold this year. There are plenty of things you can […]

The Social Security Administration’s Windfall Elimination Provision

Tweet The Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) has been around since the Regan Administration, but most people never learn about this provision until it is too late.  The WEP is a provision in the Social Security law that serves to prevent retirees from getting a “windfall” of money from the federal government.  I’ll get back to […]

Did You Get Suckered Into the Fake Gas Price Hike from Hurricane Ike?

Tweet This latest hurricane in the Gulf was a pretty big deal, and last week before it even came ashore, people began speculating that it would have a significant impact on oil production and gasoline supplies. While it’s true that down in that part of Texas, there is plenty to be concerned with when it […]

Ask the Readers: How to Have a Frugal Vegas Vacation?

Tweet Here at Generation X Finance, I’m typically the one dispensing advice, but this time, I’m asking you. During the last week of October, my wife and I will be heading to Vegas for about 4 or 5 days. For her, this is her first time out there, and while I’ve been there before, the […]