Why Everyone Should Keep at Least $30 in Cash on Them at All Times

Tweet I was reading a recent post over at Jim’s Blueprint for Financial Prosperity site that asked readers how much cash they typically carry, and with the abundance of credit and debit cards, I wasn’t surprised to see that most of the responses dealt with having very little, or no cash at all. And in […]

Generation X Feeling Sandwiched Between Boomers and Gen Y in the Workplace

Tweet Are you unhappy at work? BusinessWeek has had a few stories this year that talk about the generational divide that’s occurring in the workplace, and how this is affecting different generations of workers. Generation X is in a unique position right now because many workers are sandwiched between the baby boomers and Gen Y. […]

Spam Sales on the Rise, Common Sense at an All-Time Low


Tweet There is no shortage of absurd measures people will take in hopes of saving a few dollars, but I think this one takes the cake. I first heard the story on NPR this morning, where the sales of Spam are rapidly increasing thanks to more people buying the food-like substance as a substitute for […]

Maybe Higher Food Prices Are Actually Good For Us as a Society

Tweet CNN is about the most worthless place to get news, but I still check their site a few times a week for comedic value. I’m usually pleasantly surprised when I come across some absurd story, and today was no different. The sensationalistic stories that constantly portray the world ending are far from news, and […]

8 Last Minute Gift Ideas For the Christmas Holiday Under $75

Coffee Maker

Tweet The clock is ticking and you only have about a week left to find those perfect gifts for Christmas. While it may seem impossible to get everything you want, you don’t have to resort to giving gift cards or cash this year. There are plenty of ideas out there that can help you find […]

A List of Some 2007 Cyber Monday Sales


Tweet I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all of the nicknames that the media is giving to certain days this time of year. First it was Black Friday, which stemmed from retailers marking the day after Thanksgiving as a time when they head into the black. Now, we have Cyber Monday, which […]