Your Home is Not an Investment – Don't Treat It Like One


Tweet Your Home May Be Your Greatest Asset, But It Still Isn’t An Investment We’ve been taught over the years that the American Dream is owning a home. Not only that, but your home is your greatest asset and can be used to build wealth. Well, that way of thinking has made a lot of […]

Thank You, Yahoo!, for Perpetuating the Use of Home Equity as Cash

Yahoo! Real Estate Ad

Tweet I don’t usually pay much attention to the junk mail that I regularly get, but I received an email from Yahoo! Real Estate that had the subject: Use Home Equity to Finance Your Next Big Dream. With a subject like that, I just had to take a look. Clearly, we are all aware of […]

Is Generation X Responsible for the Real Estate and Mortgage Problems?

Monopoly Houses

Tweet I came across an interesting article from ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) that discusses the current housing crisis and breaks down what type of person or family is affected the most. Their focus is more on the affordability of housing and rent and not so much on the declining real estate prices here in […]

The Fed Endorses Plan to Curb Shady Mortgages

Tweet On Tuesday the Fed moved one step in the right direction towards reducing the shady lending practices that have put this country in a difficult situation. If you haven’t heard, the real estate market and financial sector has been in a lot of trouble recently due to some questionable lending practices combined with consumer […]