Celebrate With Five Cent Nickel and Have a Chance at Fabulous Prizes

If you haven’t heard by now Five Cent Nickel is celebrating his second year anniversary with the site. Nickel does a fine job at presenting financial advice in an easy to understand way and it is worth your time to check it out if you have not done so before. Some of the best posts can be found collectively on the welcome page but don’t stop there because the site is updated regularly with fantastic information and opinions regarding almost everything about money.

So, you are probably wondering what these fabulous prizes are all about. Well in honor of this anniversary Five Cent Nickel is holding a huge giveaway. Included are hundreds of dollars worth of fantastic prizes such as a few iPods, a USB flash drive and more. You can enter today simply by leaving a comment on the giveaway page and if you have your own website you can earn three more chances to win. So stop by and congratulate him on two great years.

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About the Author: Jeremy Vohwinkle is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® and spent a few years working as a financial planner. Today, he helps people make the most of their money by writing about personal finance here and elsewhere on the web. Jeremy is also Coach at Adaptu and a regular contributor for other publications such as Intuit, and American Express. Be sure to follow Jeremy on Twitter or Google+.

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