Don’t Miss The Brightest Comet In 30 Years – Take A Look Outside

Come McNaughtIf you have not noticed it yet or heard about it on the news you could be missing a great opportunity to see one of the most beautiful objects in the evening sky for decades. Obviously this is not related to finance, but the view is definitely something worth seeing. In the western sky just above the horizon at sunset or in the east just before sunrise you should be able to clearly see Comet McNaught. But don’t delay! In just a few days the comet will be gone as it is blocked by the sun. It will then re-emerge only to be visible by those in the southern hemisphere.

Tonight and tomorrow are your last chances to catch this beautiful sight. If you have clear skies and a clear view of the low western or eastern horizon at sunset or sunrise then go take a look.

Image courtesy of: Giuseppe Menardi

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