Have an Ugly Couch? Win a Brand New New One Worth $1,000

If you have a pathetic looking couch and you’re almost embarrassed to allow company to sit in it here’s your chance to win a brand new luxurious sofa. ClubFurniture.com is running a contest until the end of July where the winner gets a brand new couch. The rules are simple:

1. Take a couple photos of your couch
2. E-mail the photos along with a quick story behind it

It is that simple. You don’t even have to pay for delivery. I’m actually going to enter this contest because our sofa is horrible. It is quite old and has been passed down a few times and it even spent some time in a few of our college apartments. It has stains, one of the arms is broken and needs to be supported by an end table and a few of the cushions are ripped with the padding starting to spill out. We’ve put off buying a new one simply because we can get by for now and we plan on putting new flooring in and painting the living room so it makes sense to wait until we decide on a color scheme.

So, if you think your couch has what it takes just snap a few pictures and enter the contest. If you can beat our sorry excuse for a couch my hat is off to you.

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