How to Make Money Online Selling Your T-Shirt Designs



Are you a creative soul whose cup runneth over with ideas?  If you are, you’ll be pleased to learn that you can make money online selling your design ideas for t-shirts, and even more items, online.  There are a number of different websites you can go through to make extra money with your designes. There are even some designers making a living off there designers. Threadless, Café Press, and redbubble are just a few of the options available for you to sell your designs online.


Here’s how you can get started making side income off of your creativity:

  1. Create your design according to site specifications. Do not copy your design or do a “knock off” of another artist’s design or use words by another writer. Not only will unauthorized use lead to legal problems, it’s just not fair to take someone else’s creation and claim credit and cash benefit for it.  There are exceptions to this rule, but be wary.
  2. Select which products you want to create.  T-shirts and other types of apparel like hooded sweatshirts and hats sell well. There are many other items available, too, such as canvas prints, beer steins, and backpacks.  The design can also be used to promote another item in which the customer is interested. A good example is a t-shirt advertising your comic book.
  3. Set your price. If you have several designs, charge different prices, even if the design difference is a size difference (charge a couple of dollars more for the larger sizes).
  4. Make sure you include payment information so you can start making money off your ideas. Invest in a personal credit card reader to help expedite your orders.

Websites where you can sell your designs:

  1. Threadless – Check out the “Artist’s Stories” for ideas on where to begin with your new product. Also, watch for the iPhone app that will be launching soon.
  2. Café Press – At this site you will find a wide collection of items to feature your designs including, t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, tank tops, polos, pajamas, bottoms, flip-flops, underwear and panties. Plus, jewelry and bags, children and infant items (not just clothing), a variety of different types of drinkware, wallets, wall art, and much more!
  3. redbubble – The home page alone is awe inspiring, but one of the extra’s on this site are the beautiful deck tiles!
  4. Imagekind – On this site, you can sell your art for free.
  5. Zazzle – Be unique! It’s Zazzle’s tag phrase, and is a pitch worth remembering. Start a wedding design line to sell in your area. Or, one to use at baby showers. There are great ideas to be found on this site.

Not only can you use your designs to make extra money to add to your budget; you can make items to sell for your next fundraiser. Do your own design or let the kids involved in the fundraiser design the art.  It is a great way to raise money or start a business on the side.

What is your favorite website for t-shirts? Did I miss any good ones that you use?


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About the Author: Charissa Arsaoui is a freelance writer with a love for thrift. She contributes to many different personal finance blogs.

Darwins Money
Darwins Money

I was just shopping the other night, lamenting the lame and corny designs on the printed Tees in many of the popular stores.  I don't get around to shopping around, finding more trendy shops.  I have to imagine there's a whole world of great designs out there; never thought of selling them!  Great way to increase the market, breadth of choices!


Great idea for the very creative! I've been wanting to come up with ideas for my bike lane blog, but I just can't get motivated to come up with a unique design. The zombie apocalypse is already taken! (the zombie is chasing a bike).

Chennai Apartments
Chennai Apartments

If you've always wanted to own your own business, selling t-shirts is a decent option. You need to design your own t-shirt make sure that you have a company


In college, I used to sew hippy shirts to my friends. Very cool idea.


I've heard about this! I'm not very creative so I won't be able to do it, but it's a great idea for some people to make extra money. I think I read that a personal finance blogger had some success with this.

Your Daily Finance
Your Daily Finance

Never thought of selling designs before so not really sure of any sites that anyone could use that you didn't already list.  Other than Cafe Press the rest I never heard of.  Nice list and nowadays there is no excuse for not making money online.

Shawn James
Shawn James

Oh!! Those are great ideas. Yes there are many sort of jobs which generates income, some of them even appear quite weird but still they are prevalent in many parts of the world.


I am a big fan of Zazzle and Cafe Press.  They are both huge sites and will bring some good traffic to your designs if you create some amazing work.


These are great sites. I also recently heard about this new site, store where you can sell your crafts as well. Whatever crafts you have. Well, there's a lot of fuzz about it. Will check out the sites on the list as well.

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