JoS. A. Bank Suit Sale – Buy One Suit, Get Two Free for Two Days Only

Are you like me and find yourself needing to wear a suit every day? As you know, it can be pretty expensive to keep up your wardrobe. But, if you act now, you can save some major cash on JoS. A. Bank suits today and tomorrow.

A friend emailed me an email he was sent last night announcing this sale early, and it is a pretty good deal. Buy one suit, and get two of equal or lesser value for free! They have a pretty vast collection of relatively cheap suits around $250, all the way to their premium line running around $1,000, so you have quite a few options to pick from.

I can always use a few more suits because the more I have in my rotation, the fewer visits I have to make to the dry cleaners. So, if you can stop into a local JoS. A. Bank store today or tomorrow, it would be worth it. They also have other good buy two get one free deals on other items, but those aren’t nearly as good as the suit deal. And if you don’t have a store near you, they did update their website to reflect a similar deal for online suit purchases. 60% off all suits. Almost as good as the in-store deal.

Anyway, I’m headed there after work to see what they have and hopefully I can score a few suits. If so, I probably wouldn’t have to buy any new work clothes for another two years. Here is the ad:

Sale Ad

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JoS. A. Bank is my favorite men's clothing store (LOVE the wrinkle-fre Traveler's dress shirts!), but I don't have to wear suits at the job I got about 6 months ago. This is an excellent deal though!

Doctor S
Doctor S

I am going to hit up J A tomorrow on my lunch break. Good lookie with this one


Right, but you can still get 3 decent suits for the price of one, which is better than the online deal of 60% off. In-store, it's basically 67% off.

I picked up 3 this evening for around $600 after tax.

Jeremy V.
Jeremy V.

FYI: The sale is based on the suit being "full-price," so none of the current sale prices count toward the offer.

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