March Review, Top Comments, and Other News

March 2008 has some and gone already, and I wanted to take a moment to  acknowledge the people who have contributed the most to the site in the past month as well as highlight a few other noteworthy items.

Top Commentators

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Popular Posts in March

In case you missed some of the discussion this month, here are a few of the more popular items for the month of March:

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Couple Living in Camper After Foreclosure – Is it the Lender’s Fault? You Decide

Is Generation X Responsible for the Real Estate and Mortgage Crisis?

Poll: What Will You Do With Your Tax Rebate Check?

Other News

In other news, I will be announcing a new contest later this week with a couple great prizes. I’m also currently working with Sharon Naylor to be featured in an upcoming book about the challenges in the first year or marriage, including money. I look forward to this opportunity, and I think it will be a very helpful book for newlyweds who are struggling with new financial concerns. And finally, I’m working with Brian Preston of The Money Guy to call in for a podcast segment. It may even be interactive and include questions from readers here, so stay tuned for more information.

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Llama Money
Llama Money

Alright, I won something! Well sort of, anyway. Maybe next month I'll move to the top of that list :) I'll try to be less of silent reader in April.